Rock Garden

Tuckup Canyon — The western canyon areas are dominated by expansive Esplanade surfaces and many ins-and-outs, with long distance on obscure disused trails, and few reliable water sources. In the period after a rain or a good winter season there are large pothole water sources, but locating them can be very difficult.

Routes — Tuckup Trail departs from the end of the road access southeast of Hancock Knoll. This was a cattle run from the early days. The trail is easily followed from the rim to the area near Shamans Gallery. The old track continues contouring the Esplanade to the east but is easily lost. The Hades arm is a classic canyoneering descent with several short rappels and an exceptional Redwall narrows.

The main bed is mostly non-technical passable (difficult travel) with 2 notable chockstone obstacles and many difficult boulder jumbles. The travertine conglomerate arch (bridge) is a popular visit from the river.

2015 March - Extensive dayhiking from the river (2nd visit) to the west arm arch and back.

2016 March - Hades canyoneering with 5 rappels, much water, bypassing the chockstone obstacle near the river with the hazardous break on canyon-right. The chockstone obstacle in the upper main arm is not something I could climb unassisted. But there is a steep escape (maybe 2 options) on canyon-left downstream from the Redwall narrows.


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