Sixtymile - Grand Canyon Trips

1990 Circumambulation of Powell Plateau - One of G. Steck's loop hikes with George as guide.

1992 Nankoweap Creek - Various explorations and features of the Nankoweap area.

1994 Little Colorado Crossing - From Lipan Point (Tanner Trail) to Saddle Mountain, crossing the river at the Little Colorado.

1995 Kanab Creek Loop - Another of G. Steck's loop hikes.

1997 Trans-Canyon Ski - Winter trip from Jacob Lake to Grand Canyon Village.

1998 North Rim Passage - From Bright Angel Canyon to Saddle Mountain on the north side of the river. Remote places and obscure routes.

2000 Grandview Circuit - Off-trail around Horseshoe Mesa. A spontaneous field-study on difficult hiking and group dynamics.

2003 Haunted Canyon Solo - Visiting some places I have always wanted to see.

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