Rock Garden

The Dome— The Dome dominates the Tuckup Esplanade and is one of the most difficult technical climbs in Grand Canyon. Some maps show a trail going around The Dome, but this is completely fictional.

Routes — The recommended direction of travel is clockwise. There is a helpful trail to cross the rock flats and get up onto the next level. Before leaving this spot be sure to get some landmarks to find this place on the return. There is no helpful track for any other part of the circuit, and the eastern section is the most difficult with several bad drainages to cross, and this is the purpose in doing this part first. After regaining the level on the southern flank things get better. There are some choices to make getting around the far end, and the western flank is not too bad. Finally, take a break for orientation to visualize the return route before going down the slope off the northern point.

2018 March - Tuckup to Toroweap, and spent the day doing this.


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