Rock Garden - Grand Canyon Routes

Apache Point Trail - A very rugged access in a very remote place.

Bass Ferry to Copper Canyon - An obscure old trail from the W.W. Bass era.

Bass Esplanade - In search of historic sites near Mount Huethawali.

Big Saddle Cowboy Trail - Historic cattle trail to the Esplanade at Crazy Jug.

Brahma-Deva Saddle Route - Clear Creek to Bright Angel remote wilderness.

Cattle Trail - Old trail section in Bright Angel Canyon upstream from The Box.

Cardenas Route - Off-trail from the Tanner Trail to Unkar Rapid.

Cheops Route - A good scramble to the top of Cheops Pyramid.

Crazy Jug Route - Direct access from the Esplanade.

Elves Chasm - From the west end of the Tonto Trail at Garnet to Elves Chasm.

Eminence Break - Marble Canyon direct backpack route to the river.

Escalante Route - A popular route connecting Tanner Rapid with Hance Rapid.

Horsethief Butte Fault - Was this really a trail? Historic and remote.

Kolb Arch - Visit Kolb Arch in upper Nankoweap Creek.

Marion/Seiber - Off-trail alternative access to Nankoweap Creek.

Miners Trail - Abandoned trail section on the south side above the silver bridge.

Nankoweap Mesa - A really big sky-island a long way up but not technically difficult.

Old Hance Trail - A very historic old trail from the rim to Hance Creek.

Old Kaibab Trail - Abandoned remote trail north of Roaring Springs.

Old Trails - The hunt for abandoned and essentially useless sections of trail.

Royal Arch Route - The most technical of the popular off-trail routes.

Saddle Canyon Route - A non-technical slot-canyon segment of the Hayduke Trail.

Shinumo Wash Trail - A legacy from the period of dam(n)s unconstructed.

Skeleton Point Route - Sort of a shortcut but not really.

Tabernacle Route - An access connecting the Tonto Platform with the Unkar area.

Tapeats/Deer Creek Route - Tapeats Creek to Deer Creek Valley.

Tapeats/Stone Creek Route - Inner canyon extreme tourism.

Tuckup Region Hades Route - A primitive access into the eastern areas of Tuckup Canyon.

Waltenberg Trail - Perhaps the most obscure of the Old Trails.

West Tonto Trail - The area between Bass Canyon and Boucher Creek.

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