Rock Garden

Seventyfive Mile Canyon — The exceptional beauty of this place must have been unknown or it would surely have been given a deserving name. This is another key passage in the Escalante Route from Tanner to Hance Rapid. From the east, the canyon is entered along the top of the Quartzite cliff 200 feet above the mouth; any notes of a possible river level access should be disregarded. The route continues into the canyon along this shelf until it meets the bed, then goes down a 12 foot fall and follows the bed back to the river. If there has been water in the bed there will likely be large, cold, possibly deep pools to wade at some points - but has never been my experience. The narrow slot canyon is extraordinary. At a point one-third down the bed there is a obvious walk-up out of the bed to the west; the drainage to the east at this point is also climbable. Beach campsites downriver.

Routes — Escalante Route: downriver to Papago Canyon; upriver to Escalante Canyon. Lower-bed access to the west. Upper-bed access to the south with access through the Redwall and then east to meet the Tanner Trail; details unknown.

1985 May - Passed through on fourth day of Escalante Route.

1990 November - Same.

1993 October - CABA Escalante hike; small chockstone pool.

2019 October - 4th Escalante Route.


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