Rock Garden

Little Colorado River — The Beamer Trail leading to this isolated spot is not shown on the old USGS map, but it has been added to the newer 7.5min series. From Palisades Creek it follows the contours of the Bright Angel Shale a few hundred feet above the River. It is unimproved, only slightly precarious in spots, and quite tiring. The junction of the big and little Coloradoes offers no especially interesting sights aside from the River and the contrasting colors as the waters join (blue-to-green or brown-to-green, depending on the season and flow). The minerals that color the water are calcium-carbonate and copper-sulfate from Blue Springs, making the water quite unpleasant tasting, and when loaded with brown silt and other stuff from farther upstream, it's even worse. Filters will not remove disolved minerals, but with proper chemical treatment you can drink it if you think you might die otherwise. Beamer cabin is on the south bank a little ways up from the mouth and the Hopi Sipapu farther up is a must-see (but keep a respectful distance from this religious site). Most river trips stop here to play in the riffles upstream. Rafters call this the "LC," but it seems too slang for me. I prefer the Colorado Chiquito, or just the Chiquito for short.

Trails — Beamer Trail connects with Palisades Creek area and Tanner Creek beach.

1983 December - Visited on a day hike from Palisades. The trip required all available daylight hours in this season and the junction was shaded and chilly. Also went down the drainage at the arrow-shaped island two-thirds of the way to the joining; and found water in a pothole; with a little determination one could get to the river here.

1994 April - This was a critical day for the Little Colorado Crossing trip. Can we cross or not? It was the day of the solar eclipse and we got a useful recommendation from a biological survey crew that landed on the north bank by helicopter. We forded with packs overhead and then went up to the mouth to hitch a ride across to the west bank and go on upriver.

1998 May - Passing through along the west side from Crash to Sixtymile.


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