Rock Garden

Kwagunt Canyon — The next large canyon downriver from Nankoweap. The delta area is one of the largest. Water flows all seasons from the spring site just above the Butte Fault and the narrows connecting the mouth to the fault area are a lovely, easy walk.

Routes — This is an essential camp along the Horsethief Route because of the reliable water. Three alternate routes connect with Nankoweap. One to the west of Nankoweap Butte and two to the east. A fast and well traveled route follows the riverbank upriver to Nankoweap. Downriver access is also not difficult.

Horsethief Butte Fault Route. Head upstream from the Butte Fault and then up south (past Anazasi dwelling site) toward the ridge divide to Malgosa. This line is not as rugged as the slopes to the Butte Fault saddle, and is definitely the historic line of the old Horsethief Trail. Cross the divide and enter a grassy basin in a cleft that drains east and to bed of the Malgosa.

1994 April - Up Kwagunt and scouting for ruins. Traveled north beside the fault going over the saddle closest to Nankoweap Mesa. See the Little Colorado Crossing for information on the difficulties encountered.

1996 October - Nankoweap to Kwagunt over the saddle west of Nankoweap Butte. Scouted ruins up Nankoweap and found some. Traveled farther up the bed. To the beach for the night and then upriver.

1998 May - Brief lunch stop on the way to Nankoweap.

2007 September - Camp 3 and early morning start for the Butte Fault. Black silty flow, but always water here.


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