Rock Garden

Kolb Arch — With so many places to see in Nankoweap this is one of the most remote but one cetainly worth the undertaking for any serious enthusiast. Slightly mis-titled because an arch spanning a streambed should be a 'bridge'. The original discovery is credited to Joe Hamblin of the early Powell expeditions, but the rediscovery and naming by Barry Goldwater in 1951/1954 is the better-known story. There are conflicting dates reported for this in various sources but the correct reference is the February 1955 issue of Arizona Highways describing his initial discovery and later helicopter expedition into the area.

See notes on Exploration of Nankoweap Canyon and Kolb Arch Approach.

Routes — Downstream to the Nankoweap Creek area. The so-called "Freefall" route (GCLH-I) goes down between Marion and Seiber (see Marion/Seiber Route).

2012 October - A 7 day trip organized by Karen Greig entering Marion/Seiber and exiting Tilted Mesa, with this being the primary objective.


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